LEMON and OLIVES |Baguio City,Philippines


Finally! after 60 plus days I’ve seen another place in my city that is worth blogging for, I’m talking about Lemon and Olives that’s located in #26 Outlook Drive ,Baguio City, Philippines. As you know, I just do appreciate restaurants, cafe, and vanity areas that has the quality and impression of its architectural design and second is food ofcourse.


I really do appreciate lemon and olives  first,  because of its  architecture design wise both interior and exterior , the planning and incorporation of rustic and modernize design is really soothing and widening my eyes, from the lighting that’s more of the warm white that will really make me beautiful in anyway up to its color schemes on the walls and cozy and homey ambiance because of the woods from floor to the ceiling, I must say it is well planned and it’s cool.The ambiance is more like a family gathering venue ,friend dates and a romantic space as well.dsc_0208dsc_0188dsc_0202dsc_0178dsc_0179

Second,  the hospitality and manner wise of the staffs that are really ready to welcome visitors that are entering in this Greek restaurant. I’m telling you this is an 8 for me comparing to other restaurants in the city that are commonly belongs to 6.


and lastly is that the restaurant is spacious that can accommodate you, your friends and family as well and of course parking lot and smoking area.


I will definitely recommend this Greek  restaurant to all tourist and people who loves to dine ,unwind and feel the cold and welcoming breeze of the summer capital city. Just go and experience and know what i am  telling you.dsc_0187



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