Hand and nails gives a dominant impression and reaction to the eye and feeling of others, i’m talking about the impressions of a clean and soft hands as well as clean and effectively good looking nails and every one is entitled to take good care of their hands.

Well, I became curious and conscious to the looks and texture of my hands as well as my nails when i was 16, since then I made sure that my hands get moisturize the whole day and of course sanitized and clean my nails every 2-4 times a month .


My manicures are a mix of both professionally applied nail polish and DIY when i was in high school but now I’m doing it by myself.  I advice to those girls who really love to paint their nails but can’t really paint even a double coat to their nails to go to a professional nail salon for like 2-3 times for them to  observe their application technique in person.

Images below are products that i personally use and recommend it to lovey girls that are excited to put an art to their nails and to improve care essentials to their hands and nails.



We need a salon manicures every once in a while for a clean up, and it’s easier  to maintain your nails yourself in between salon visits.

I’ve tried a lot of products both hand and nail care but few stays in my pouch and make up area BECAUSE  this product gave me that satisfaction i need to benefit both my hand and nail ,if you’re in the Philippines you can buy this products to all departments and bazaar store like Watsons, Sm Department stores and even grocery stores with a very affordable price.

This are the following:


BATH and BLISS products




– VASELINE hand and body lotions

DSC_0029C X CV

MYRA hand lotion




I hope this gives you an overview on my personal hand and care favorites.You don’t need to visit a salon every time you need a manicure treatment , if you think you can do it then go do it! because if I can do it myself of course you too. Be inspired !



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