Cafe De Angelo | coffee bar

A day before valentines day, and it’s Saturday and  I feel like visiting  Cafe De Angelo Coffee Bar located at 88 Patterno Street South Drive ,Baguio City, Philippines  which I’ve heard that it’s a place where you can imagine and dream what life can offer, a place that has a sense of relaxation and like a cozy cabin out of the woods and YES all I’ve heard is definitely true ! Staffs wreathed in smiles are welcoming! so i entered …

Cafe De Angelo is a must see , must visit, must try coffee Bar and relaxation area with friends or colleagues that needs a peaceful and calm atmosphere in reality.

A 15 minutes talk to the owner  Ms. ROW QUINTOS MENDOZA  shares me the things behind the awesome Cafe De Angelo which was derive from the name of there son Angelo and her  husbands’ name Michael and their love for food that drives them to put up this growing business.

The interior design drives all the monochromatic colors that enhances every detail of the coffee bar, with the black and white motif that’s incorporated , it gives a sense of reality and enjoyment to the food they offer!

Cafe De Angelo is the perfect venue for chillin’ relaxin’ feelin’ imaginin’ dreamin’ and of course eatin’ !


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